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Truncated hover box example with Opera 9.10!!!!

This appears to be a bug with Opera 9.x since Opera 8.52 worked fine.
Basically this issue only showed up when the hover span was used within
a containing div. This example happens to have the content within a content div
which is within an outershell div. Try hover on Guestbook or Browser Note.

Note: If the mouse is clicked and held during the hover the hover box will
render correctly.

The problem appears to be with the top: setting of the outershell div - it was set
to 25px and the content div top was set to 2px.
To get around the problem I had to make the outershell div top: 0px; and gave a
margin-top value of 22px to the content div.

It appeared that setting a value for top: in the outershell would affect the top of
the hover span box within the content div.